School Policies and Procedures

Attendance Policies: Absent, Tardy, Early Dismissal

Absent: If you know your student is going to be absent, you may send an attendance note to or to Student Services upon return. Please include the student’s full name, date, and the reason for the absence.

Tardy: If your student is late to school, have them report to the Main Office upon arrival with a note stating the reason for being late or you may escort your student in. If they do not have a note or you don't come in, they will be marked Tardy Unexcused.

Early Dismissal: If your student is going to have an early dismissal, please send in a note on the day of the early dismissal to Student Services. Your student will receive a pass that allows him/her/they to pack up and report to the main 


HCPSS Cell Phone Policy for Middle Schoolers (revised 2021)

Policy 8080 states:

Middle Schools – Students:

  1. Students will not use personal technology devices during non-instructional time, to include but not limited to transition between classes, lunch, recess, or in bathrooms.

 All cell phones must be put away upon entering the building. Students may carry their phone, but it must be silent and it may not be used during the day.


  • Students must comply with class and school rules and all relevant HCPSS Board Policies. 
  • Administration, faculty, and staff may request at any time that students turn off and put away technology devices. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action and possible revocation of privileges. 
  • Individuals assume full responsibility for their non-HCPSS owned technology devices. This includes the device’s safety, security and maintenance. 
  • When not in use, all devices must be in “silent & away.” 
  • Personal communication devices may not be used in locker rooms or bathrooms at any time. 
  • No taking, uploading or sharing photos, recording audio, or capturing video during school or any HCPSS-sanctioned activities. 
  • Any disruption to class or other educational activity may result in disciplinary action. 
  • Students may not have the phone out in the hallway. 


  • Arrival until the entrance bell. - put away upon entering the building
  • Dismissal - 3:10 for bus riders, and 3:15 for walkers and car riders 


  • If students wouldn’t want their teachers, administrators or parents seeing what they are viewing on their cell phones, then it probably is NOT appropriate in school 
  • If students do not feel well during the day they should visit the health room. Do not text parents in lieu of reporting to the health room  
  • Ear buds are not permitted in school 

We want to work together with parents and our community to make sure students understand how to effectively maneuver through the complexity of using technology tools. Please continue to help us communicate the responsible use of technology to our students. 

Thank you for your ongoing support.